The types of CBD products legally available to Americans is dependent on their particular state’s recreational and medicinal marijuana laws. CBD products derived from industrial hemp containing under 0.3% THC are legal across USA. CBD products from strains other than industrial hemp, potentially containing greater concentrations of THC are only legally obtainable in states where recreational marijuana has been legalised or medicinal marijuana has been legalised and a medical card has been acquired. The following articles explore each state’s laws and CBD landscape:

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CBD oil California

As recreational use of cannabis is legal, it’s no surprise there’s a booming CBD oil industry within the state of California. This article explores the specific laws around CBD oil in California, medicinal marijuana, and where to buy CBD oil in Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento.


CBD oil Colorado

Colorado Flag

Since 2014 recreational Marijuana has been legalised in Colorado making all forms of CBD products legal for those 21 and older. This article explores where to buy CBD in Colorado, the process of accessing medicinal marijuana any why you may wish to do so.
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CBD oil Florida

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This article explores what makes a CBD product legal and accessible in Florida, how to determine whether a medical marijuana card is required and where to buy CBD products in cities within Florida.
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CBD oil Ohio

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Although medical marijuana is now technically legal in Ohio, the laws surrounding its sale and use have not become fully operational. This article looks into the current situation and will be updated once laws are implemented.

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