Eir Health CBD review

Eir Health CBD

Established in 2018 by a group previously in the sports supplements industry, Eir Health is a CBD supplier that distributes products throughout Europe and the United States, with a focus on product quality, usability and customer satisfaction.

This article was made in partnership with Eir Health.

Eir Health source their plant material from organic farms in south-eastern Europe and extract the CBD oil in their own facilities using CO2 extraction – a process widely regarded as the safest way to extract CBD oil from the organic material.

In addition to their range of CBD oils, which come in varying strengths (more on that below), the company is in the process of working on a line of CBD isolate products as well.

Product quality & testing

Eir test each batch of oils through the third-party lab SC labs and publish the results of each of their product types on their website. They test for cannabinoid concentration and any contamination by testing for pesticides, heavy metals, solvents and bacterias. The group also test their oils months after they are bottled to ensure that high standards are maintained over time.

Usability & labeling

The consideration of the customer is evident in their product offering and well-thought-out labelling. As people who are frequent CBD users, this aspect of their line is very appealing to us. Their system makes taking the right amount of CBD and adjusting your dosage straightforward and easy. Eir Health have tackled the tricky aspect of CBD dosing by clearly indicating how much CBD is in each full dropper of their different products:

  • Low-potency opinion contains 10mg per dropper (1ml)
  • Medium-potency opinion contains 20mg per dropper (1ml)
  • High-potency opinion contains 100mg per dropper (1ml)

Of course you don’t need to take a full dropper’s worth of oil if you would prefer to take a lesser dose. The glass dropper is clearly marked to assist with calculating different dosages.

Customer satisfaction

Eir Health make a commitment to customer satisfaction. Importantly, they offer a full refund to any customers that are unsatisfied with their CBD purchase. In addition, the company has active customer service channels to answer any questions

Eir Health CBD oil

All Eir Health CBD products contain:

  • Full-spectrum CBD extracted from organic Cannabis Sativa L
  • Organic MCT Oil as the carrier oil
  • Less than 0.2% THC

Oil NO. 3 – Low-potency CBD oil 300 mg – $28

An appropriate concentration / starting dose for someone trialling CBD, or perhaps treating a condition like anxiety which, anecdotally, is more effectively treated with lower doses of CBD.

Oil NO. 6 – Medium-potency CBD oil 600 mg – $48

A mid-strength concentration, containing twice as much CBD (20mg per dropper) as the low potency alternative.

Oil NO. 30 – High potency CBD oil 3000 mg – $148

This product contains a high concentration of CBD with each drop containing 5mg of CBD. Appropriate for experienced CBD users.