Dutch Natural Healing CBD review

Updated October 2019
Dutch Natural Healing CBD

Based in the Netherlands, Dutch Natural Healing is a leader in the European CBD market. Quality is a priority for Dutch Natural Healing who aim to be authentic – “always remain close to the plant” and transparent – “a Dutch no nonsense mentality.”

In 2018 Dutch Natural Healing claimed to have served over 5 million customers and provide CBD oil for over 100 private label products distributed globally. The Company test their products rigorously to comply with the European, UK and American laws of THC concentration and food safety.

Dutch Natural Healing CBD oil

The company provides an array of traditional CBD oils in addition to a number of unique products that result from their investment into research and development.

Examples of these unique offerings include a dosage pump system for some of their products as an alternative to drops, and have successfully experimented with the inclusion of other complementary organic ingredients in others.

Dutch Natural Healing CBD Oil 825mg 10ml – $40.00

This CBD oil is Dutch Natural Healing’s standard CBD oil. It’s a full spectrum oil containing CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, terpenes and terpenoids. Using our CBD oil dosage calculator we found:

  • Total CBD content: 825mg
  • Total product volume: 10ml
  • 200 drops per bottle
  • Each Drop containing 4.13 mg of CBD
  • 82.50 mg of CBD per ml
  • $0.05 per mg of CBD

Available in:

Dutch Natural Healing CBDactive+ 10ml – $45.00

This product is interesting for its content and delivery. A specialised spray is used to deliver a wide variety of organic ingredients designed to produce the entourage effect – that is, improved effectiveness when an array of cannabinoids are present opposed to them in isolation.

  • Total CBD content: 400mg
  • Total product volume: 10ml
  • Approximately 50 sprays per bottle
  • Each spray contains 8 mg of CBD
  • 40 mg of CBD per ml of liquid
  • $0.11 per mg of CBD
  • price per 10mg serving: $ 1.13
  • Order here

Dutch Natural Healing Curcumine Edition 30ml – $75.00

This CBD and curcumine combination oil is another unique product to Dutch Natural Healing, containing equal amounts of curcumine and CBD. Curcumine has proven health benefits which we explore further below.

  • Total CBD content: 300mg
  • Contains 300mg of curcumin
  • Total product volume: 30ml
  • 10g of CBD per ml of liquid
  • Price per mg of CBD:$0.25
  • 0.5mg of CBD & curcumin per drop
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Benefits of curcumin

Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric and is a proven anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammation plays a major role in most chronic illnesses. – source

This review of ‘Curcumin’s Effects on Human Health’ found:

  • “Curcumin can help in the management of oxidative and inflammatory conditions, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, anxiety, and hyperlipidemia”
  • “It may also help in the management of exercise-induced inflammation and muscle soreness, thus enhancing recovery”
  • “A relatively low dose can provide health benefits”

Dutch Natural Healing product testing

Dutch Natural Healing test the crop they harvest for heavy metals as well as their final product for concentration and contamination. The Company provides detailed test results for their products upon email request.

Where is their plant material sourced?

Dutch Natural Healing have their own organic plantations in Holland. They reiterate that they do not use industrial hemp like their competitors but specially grown crops with “the richest variation in cannabinoids”.

This variety of cannabinoids in a product results in what’s referred to as the entourage effect. It has been observed that the medicinal benefit from CBD is enhanced when consumed in conjunction with other cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. This was proposed by Raphael Mechoulam, an organic chemist who discovered how THC interacts with the human body.

Extraction method

Dutch Natural Healing extract their CBD oil from CBD bud using CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction is the safest way to extract CBD. It keeps delicate cannabinoids intact and there is no risk of chemical contamination. It’s the extraction process we advise customers look for in a supplier.

The company owns their own production facilities in Germany which have a HACCP certification (an international standard for defining the requirements for effective control of food safety). The company is highly conscious of product contamination and uses no synthetic or chemical products, not even in the cleaning process.

Dutch Natural Healing USA

Ordering direct from the supplier in the Netherlands to America is possible, however the delivery to the USA can take over 2 weeks, with some reporting even longer wait times. In addition, there is a risk of having issues with the product going through customs.

We suggest ordering Dutch Natural Healing in the USA through a wholesaler like Dr ganja.

Dutch Natural Healing company

Headed up by CEO Lars Opdam, Dutch Natural Healing is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under the parent company Pater Zen Producties B.V.

The company has previously commented that their ownership structure lends them a degree of flexibility and freedom – “We have no stockholders or investors to report to and we do not depend on any bank”.

This freedom is reflected in the company’s re-investment into research and development: “We invest near 25% of the total turn around in research and development”. This investment into R & D has resulted in some unique product offerings including specialised dosage pumps and varying ingredient combinations.

In September 2018 claimed to be one of the market leaders in the European market with over 5 million customers. In addition, Dutch Natural Healing produce over 100 private label products for companies all over the world. That is, they provide bottles of CBD for other companies to rebrand and sell.